About Pam Bhandarkar MacPhee



***Closure Announcement***

It is with much emotion that I am announcing the closure of Sunray Wellness.

I can only say that I am following my intuition as I continue to manifest and co-create the next chapter of my life.  I will keep ‘listening’ for my next steps always.

It has been an absolute pleasure and an honour to serve, teaching yoga and Star Reiki and giving healing sessions, full-time since 2014. I am forever grateful for every single one of my students and clientele with whom I have been blessed to share space. YOU have always made every day worthwhile! I trust that you will be guided to your next healers and teachers, and I encourage you to ask for this to happen!

I will continue to heal myself with Star Reiki and yoga, and I encourage all of my Star Reiki Healers, and all of you, to do the same!

Until our paths cross again… With gratitude and much love to you all,
Pam ❤️
Namaste, “The light in me, sees and honours the light in you”.

Copyright © 2022, 2014 Pam Bhandarkar MacPhee. All Rights Reserved.

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