About Pam Bhandarkar MacPhee

Yoga and Star Reiki with Pam Bhandarkar MacPhee
Intentionally strengthening Body, Mind, and Spirit with Love.


I am an Ottawa based Reiki Master and Teacher, the founder of Star Reiki, and an Experienced Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Many of my offerings are now available online, and can be accessed by anyone from anywhere! (Times are EST).

Look through my Services to book a healing session, find my weekly Yoga class schedule, my upcoming Events and Trainings, and follow Sunray Wellness on Facebook and Instagram, for the latest news!

I am honoured and grateful to be a lifelong student of energy, yoga, and life, and I look forward to seeing you soon!
In Loving Service,
Pam ❤️
Pam Bhandarkar MacPhee, she/her, E-RYT Yoga Teacher, Star Reiki Master & Teacher
Electrical Engineering and Management B.Eng.Mgt, McMaster University

More About Pam…

At 47 years of age, I understand that everything that has happened to me in the past has all come together as I evolve into who I am right now.  My goal is to live every moment of every day ~ connected to Oneness in meditation, guided by love ~ as I ebb and flow through this imperfect life. Every day is spent learning from my experiences and trying to better myself… tomorrow is always a new day.

Fitness and healthy eating have always been a big part of my life. I have been practicing yoga for over fifteen years and my love for it developed after suffering from a neck injury in 2005. I recovered by taking regular yoga classes, up to four times a week, not only re-gaining my physical strength but discovering a new, life-changing, strength in mind and spirit.

Beginning my Reiki studies in 2004, in hindsight, was synchronicity. Since then I’ve tried to live my life ‘in the flow’, choosing the paths that come easily to me as I ‘listen’ for guidance and try to make the best choices in my daily life.  As I began to open up deeply during my yoga teacher training in 2013-2014, I continued my Reiki studies and began giving private healing sessions. In the summer of 2016, it was made clear to me that I needed to move forward. I was guided to become a Reiki Master, create Star Reiki ~ combining Reiki and yoga and healing with love ~ and teach this beautiful gift. I receive messages from Oneness from a sense of knowing, images, feelings, mediumship, psychopomp, and into to the psychic realms (past, present, and future). I tap into Oneness and always ask for the highest good for you!

I look forward to each day as I teach yoga and give private Star Reiki full-time so I can share the benefits of each of these powerful healing modalities that continue to save and guide me. I’m amused and amazed with the parallels in energy and physics from my former data communications engineering career to my transition and love for energy healing and yoga. Whether it’s your first class or session with me, or you see me every week, connecting with people (YOU) is everything to me. It’s about finding your breath and connecting with Oneness. We are all one and we are all here together… let’s have fun!

Namaste, “The light in me, sees and honours the light in you”.


Many of us are seeking healing in our lives. For various reasons we have become disconnected from our Truth, and while there are many paths to healing our body, mind and spirit, the one element we truly need is love and a loving presence.  In a loving presence, we can be encouraged to let go, open, and receive the love that is already here.  Having done yoga and Reiki workshops with Pam, I feel that she embodies this gentle, open, and loving presence and that she creates a safe and supportive space which facilitates healing and helps others reconnect to their wholeness.” – Nanci


Energy Healing Credentials
  • USUI Reiki Level 1, 2004, Shirley Hamm (Garden of Wellness)
  • USUI Reiki Level 2, 2015, Shirley Hamm (Garden of Wellness)
    • Assisted Shirley in Teaching Levels 1 and 2
  • Holographic Reiki Level 3, 2015, Julie Demarais (Julie Demarais & Associates)
  • Reiki Master Level Mentorship & Designation Earned, 2016, Kristine Karpinski (WellBody Arts, Ninth Wave Arts)
    • Founded and began teaching Star Reiki as requested by my clientele
  • Mapping Ancient Wisdoms, 2017-2019, Kristine Karpinski
  • Other Trainings: Advanced Consciousness and Sound Healing (Zacciah Blackburn, Center of Light), Peruvian Shamanic Practices (Evelina Proeva, Light Path Healing)
  • Avalon Shamanism, Nov2018-Nov2019, and March 2020 – Present, Kristine Karpinski  & Sarah Wibberley (WellBody Arts, Ninth Wave Arts)

Yoga Credentials

  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, 2013-2014, (Megan Campbell & Todd Lavictoire)
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training, 2014, (Joe Barnett)
  • Chakra Training, 2014-2015 (Megan Campbell)
  • Experienced Designation Received from Yoga Alliance, 2016
  • Meditation Teacher Training, 2017 (Devinder Kaur)
  • Other Trainings and Certifications: Asana & Sequencing (Philippe Landel), ParaYoga (Rod Stryker), Akhanda Yoga (Yogrishi Vishvketu),  Anatomy (Basia Going), Anatomy & Assists (Adnan Tahirovic), Forrest Yoga (Louise Cameron),  Core Strength Vinyasa (Sadie Nardini), Prana Vinyasa (Veronique Dumont), Forrest Yoga (Ana Forrest), Power Yoga (Bryan Kest)
  • Advanced Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics (Jenna Switzer, March 2020)
  • Restorative Yoga (Anne Tessier, June 2020)
Formal Education & Resume
  • Electrical Engineering and Management – a 5-year combined degree in Electrical Engineering and Business, McMaster University
  • Proud Member of the Emergency Preparedness Program (EPP) team for the Ontario Konkani Association (OKA) www.ontario-konkanis.com
Even More About Pam…
Why Sunray? My first name is Rashmi, an Indian/Sanskrit name that translates to “ray of sunlight” and honours the name my first gurus (aka my parents!) gave me. I strive to live up to that definition each day!
Favourite Quotes: 

“Everything is Energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” ~ Albert Einstein

“Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.” ~ Bruce Lee

  • I have traveled with my backpack to more than 30 countries, across 6 continents, and climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro… but, I am also a homebody!
  • I was born and raised in Ontario: Toronto, Milton, London, Hamilton, moving to Ottawa in 1998.
  • I reside in Ottawa, Canada with my husband and two sons – my greatest teachers!
  • I can be found working out (weightlifting and taking fitness classes of all kinds), playing sports with my sons, reading, and quite often in the kitchen: eating healthy, cooking, baking, packing lunches endlessly, and hiding chocolate from myself.
  • I love going to yoga classes, receiving energy healing treatments, and taking all kinds of trainings, to fill my own cup!
  • I look forward to seeing YOU, my students who are also my teachers, each day!
Pan McPhee 001


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