Chakra Balancing Meditation

Chakra Balancing Meditation by Pam Bhandarkar MacPhee There are seven major chakras (energy centres) along the spine and when they are balanced and open, we are able to receive… healing, guidance, and inner wisdom. 7: Sahasrara: Crown, Purple: Top of Head 6: Ajna: Third Eye, Indigo: Forehead between the Eyes 5: Vishuddha: Throat, Blue: ThroatContinue reading “Chakra Balancing Meditation”

The Power of Forgiveness

After a fairly recent hurt from a friend, and my inadvertent modus operandi of not letting people in, I realized I still have trust issues! Have I not worked through this already? I spend my days giving energy, receiving and delivering healing intuitive messages, teaching breath work and opening up deep tissues through yoga… healingContinue reading “The Power of Forgiveness”

Virabhadrasana – The Inner Battle

There are three common Warrior asanas, I, II, and III. I often refer to them as peaceful yoga warrior poses, but what does this mean? The context of the name Virabhadra is a warrior created in anger by Lord Shiva after hearing that his wife Sati was no more. In the literal sense, Virabhadrasana IContinue reading “Virabhadrasana – The Inner Battle”