Weekly Classes

IMG_8376-001 Transitioning from Exhalted Warrior

***Advanced registration is required for all classes***

  • Mondays atMovati Athletic Barrhaven  In-Person Closed until Provincial Lockdown ends
    9:30am Essentials Yoga, Sky room
    10:45am Yin Yoga, Sky room
    12pm Core, Balance & Stretch, Sky room


  • Tuesdays at PranaShanti: 950 Gladstone Ave Virtually OR-In-Person  
    10:30am Gentle Hatha, Soul room, regular temperature
    12pm Yin yoga, Body room, warmly heated


  • Wednesdays at Movati Athletic Nepean In-Person Closed until Provincial Lockdown ends
    9:15am Core, Balance & Stretch, Sky room 
    10:30am Essentials yoga, Sky room
    12pm Yin, Hot room


  • Thursdays at PranaShanti: 950 Gladstone Ave Virtually OR-In-Person  
    9am Yin yoga, Soul room, regular temperature


  • For a Private Yoga Session for you or your group, send Pam an Email (sunraywellnesspam@gmail.com) for details!
    Yoga Class Styles: Yin, Restorative, Gentle, Beginner, Power yoga, Intermediate/Advanced yoga, Meditation; option to add in Star Reiki and always available to modify for your specific wants and needs! Tell me where you’d like to focus in your body and mind, and I will develop a customized class for you!


Having taught over 3000 hours of classes, my passion is to teach yoga through asana (poses), and using pranayama (the breath) to link poses, I transform the practice to movement meditation. My Hatha-based classes offer a balance between strengthening and lengthening, to improve mobility. I always give options allowing you to choose the one that fits best for you in the present moment, in order to authentically harmonize mind, body, and spirit. While maintaining that your breath is the only required pose, I focus on anatomy and sequence my classes to a ‘peak pose’, allowing for a safe yet challenging progression in your personal practice.

My yin classes are designed to open fascia or the connective tissues within the body to improve mobility as well as opening energetic channels. These poses are held for about 3-5 minutes.  By focusing on your breath, you turn your yin practice into a mindfulness meditation practice, perhaps even listening for ‘messages’ and inner wisdom!


My Core, Balance, and Stretch classes draw from different fitness modalities including fundamental and functional movement patterns. The focus is on wellness through core integration supporting the development of strength and mobility.

Come see me for a balance of strengthening, lengthening, relaxing, and connecting with yourself! See you on the mat! ❤️
I’m so grateful to have met Pam and to have the blessing of attending her yoga class. Her multi-faceted gifts with the healing arts really shine through in the way she holds space in class and I was excited to discover that she also shares her gifts through Reiki and other holistic wellness offerings and events. Pam’s warm loving presence in class made my heart smile and my lungs fill with a deep soothing exhale. Her gifts are a great blessing to this community and all the students whose lives she touches.”
                        – Prema Gaia, Visionary writer, tantra teacher, transformational guide
Pam is a kind gentle soul who listens to your needs and works with you on your personal level. I highly recommend trying one of her private classes.” – Rochelle
Walking into Pam’s yoga class is the equivalent of coming home. Meeting her for the first time you will be convinced you have somehow known her all your life. She has such a refreshing, open, welcoming aura that makes you want to join in and do your very best. My best physically is quite unremarkable, but somehow my mental state is transformed into ageless youth. No doubt this is all in my head, but the transformative effect for my life, as it is lived, cannot be denied. Meet Pam, go to her class, and you will be convinced you have sung some eternal song, been touched by some Spring zephyr that will lift you to the being you always wanted to be. Guaranteed you will feel both profound and light. You will be laughing. Thank you Pam for your presence.”     Bill Coveny
Fundraiser for The Ottawa Cancer Foundation
 IMG_8537-LR Tree Side Plank
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