Reiki Yin Master Classes

Join me for one of my Signature meditative Reiki Yin healing sessions in a group setting! I’ve been successfully offering these master classes a few times a year since 2014 and am humbled by my repeat students… if you haven’t tried one, I look forward to serving you for your highest good! ❤️ Pam

I have been practicing Yoga since 1975 and I have never experienced the kind of class we have with Pam.  She creates a sacred space for our Yin practice and it is powerful! Pam treats each one of us “as if we belong to her”, with the utmost kindness, sensitivity, and dedicated attention.  Her teachings help us to enter a special place where we can receive the benefits of a deep meditation.” ~ Lynne Lajoie

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Reiki Yin For Grounding and Balance

Join Pam for a 2-hour meditative Reiki Yin yoga energy healing session focusing on Grounding and Balance. We begin with grounding poses to get back to your True Self, followed by opening and healing your chakras. The goal is to invoke the relaxed state of the parasympathetic nervous system to allow healing energy to flow. Pam will guide you back down-to-Earth and heal the seven major chakras (energy centres) along your spine from the root to the crown, dissolving energy blocks and promoting a natural balance between mind, body, and Spirit.

Each In-Person participant will receive Reiki healing from Pam from the front of the room (due to the current circumstances, I will not be moving throughout the room). Each Live-Stream participant will receive Distance Reiki healing energy from Pam, via intention, during the course of this powerful healing session. Distance Reiki promotes relaxation and inner peace, cultivating deep inner harmony, and is equally as effective as hovering hands. Reiki energy can only be beneficial and will naturally flow to where your body needs it the most. You will leave the session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! It is also common to feel an emotional release, creating space for positive energy to flow.

If you have props, please have a bolster, blanket, and two blocks on hand, otherwise feel free to use two towels and two blankets to simulate these props!

Please bring layers, water, an open heart and mind, and a journal, if you wish.

Location: PranaShanti Education Centre (45 Eccles Street) and/or Live-Streamed (over Zoom)
Date: Thursday, October 21, 2021.
Time: 7-9pm
Investment: $45 +taxes

Note: Due to COVID-19, this workshop will be offered Live Stream and/or In Person as Ontario and City of Ottawa health authorities permit.

Please register here (click on Oct 21st!), by calling PranaShanti at 613-761-9642 (YOGA), or in the studio to guarantee your spot! I look forward to seeing you soon!

The atmosphere, the music, the ambience in the room… it was just perfect!  Thank you so much for an amazing, awesome, serene, but vibrant workshop! My chakras are very happy today!” 


When you came to me I felt all green, like your heart was in everything you were doing!” ~ Carolyn Rowe


Photo by Arun Prabhu, taken in the village in India where my parents and ancestors originate.

Copyright © 2021, 2014 Pam Bhandarkar MacPhee. All Rights Reserved.

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