Star Reiki Level 1 Training

Vibrating with Oneness to Heal Yourself

Tap into YOUR Power! Drawing from the infinite supply of universal healing energy, with intention, Pam believes we all have the power to increase our vibration as well as that of others. Many of us feel our senses in extraordinary ways and have no idea what to call it. You may hear an inner voice, feel the energy in a room, or maybe you are intrigued and open to more! Star Reiki encompasses the traditional USUI Reiki lineage, and over and above, is inclusive to all forms of connecting and harnessing the power of Oneness. Vibrating with Oneness/Source/Universe is grounding and strengthens intuition, allowing us to make better decisions in our daily lives.

During this training, you will receive a Star Reiki Level 1 Attunement, incorporating gentle yoga poses, a certificate, and a manual to continue your practice. A sense of deep healing and/or release may be experienced. Afterwards, you’ll have a chance to practice your skills!. With the completion of this one-day training, you will be a certified Star Reiki Level 1 Practitioner with the ability to use your hands to heal!


  • Overview, background, and lineage of traditional USUI Reiki
  • Star Reiki: The three all-encompassing principles: Intention, Energy (Love), Grounding
  • The Chakras: The seven major energy centres in the body and how Star Reiki can be used in clearing blockages and promoting healing
  • Pranayama, Yoga, and Meditation: How to prepare the body to tap into Oneness and receive and understand intuitive messages
  • Intuitive and traditional hand placements for healing yourself, friends, family, food, plants, pets
  • Intro to the Four Clair’s
  • Attunement: Unique Star Reiki attunement incorporating gentle yin yoga (accessible to all) to prepare the body, mind, and spirit; strengthening intuition and connection to Oneness

This comprehensive training is open to all. No previous yoga or Reiki experience is necessary. If you are already certified with any previous Reiki Level 1 or above and wish to deepen your connection to source, this experience will also be beneficial to you!

Location 1: Virtually:
Private or small group sessions will be arranged. If you are ‘ready’, please send Pam an Email ( to arrange dates and to set the Star Reiki Level 1 energy in motion!
Investment: $225 (incl. Taxes)

Location 2:
Date:  TBD

“Anyone who has been thinking of getting certified for Reiki, this is your chance!  I did this program with Pam and she is amazing, and the program was very well planned. She truly puts all of her heart and effort into it and it paid off!” ~ Ale Miranda

“Clearly we were all brought together to learn so much from each other! I appreciate everything I’ve learned from you, Pam, you are great energy to be around!” ~ June


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