Star Reiki Master Level Training

Master Your Power!

Master Your Power and Enhance your Unique Healing Potential! Star Reiki builds on traditional USUI Reiki and encompasses all healing modalities and all ways to connect with Oneness. The Master Level training consists of Two Mandatory Modules: 10 contact hours, plus additional self-study and practical hours. It includes the Star Reiki Master Level manual, as well as traditional USUI information for you to continue your practice, as you become your own unique healer!


Module 1, Training: 10 Contact hours including:

  • Overview of the traditional USUI Reiki Master Symbol and using INTENTION in the Star Reiki method of Connecting to Oneness
  • Soul level healing and beyond. The Star Reiki approach primarily uses INTENTION and always accesses the infinite potential of healing from Oneness
  • A Unique Star Reiki Master Level Attunement incorporating gentle yin Yoga (no experience necessary)
  • Overview of Star Reiki and Practicing the Techniques:
    • Principles of: Intention, Love (Energy), Grounding
    • Opening Up to Tap into Oneness
    • Healing Hands and Beyond (4 Clairs/Angels/Mediumship/Psychic Realms)
    • Grounding
  • Giving and Receiving Healing in the Client/Practitioner Style In-Person and via Distance Healing
  • At the end of the Contact Hours, you will receive a Certificate of Master Training Completion.

Module 2, Self-study and Practicum: 10-15 hours, including:

  • Reading the Star Reiki Master Manual and practicing the exercises
  • Discovering and Enhancing your Own Unique Healing Gifts through practice
  • Star Reiki Master Level Practicum, In-Person and Distance Reiki Sessions – a minimum of five sessions is required, up to ten is recommended, with session notes to be handed in (based on Covid Rules, otherwise Distance only)
  • Support During and Post-training
  • After you successfully submit your Practicum, in your own time (Suggested timeframe of Two Months to complete) you will receive a Star Reiki Master Level Certificate, with the ability to heal others as a Reiki Master!

This training is open to anyone who has any previous Reiki Level 1, 2 (and/or 3) certification of ANY kind. No previous yoga experience required. A regular practice of self-healing and practicing on others, is beneficial. If you are already certified with any previous Reiki Master Level and wish to strengthen your intuition, this experience will also be beneficial to you!

Note also, It may not be necessary to take Star Reiki Level 2 before the Star Reiki Master Level. (can be reviewed on a case by case basis). I believe that we earn this blessing by Oneness/Source/Divine and the process is facilitated by me (if you are considering the Master level, most likely you already know you have this within you!).

Location: Virtually:
Private or small group sessions will be arranged. If you are ‘ready’, please send Pam an Email ( to arrange dates and to set the Master Level energy in motion!
Investment: $350 (incl. Taxes). $100 deposit due at time of booking, remainder to be paid before the first day of training.

Location 2: 
Date: TBD

Star Reiki Master Testimonials:

“Thank you for being such an incredible teacher, for teaching me to trust myself and my intuition. For my case studies for my Star Reiki Master Certificate, I’m beyond grateful for all the beautiful souls I’ve had the privilege to work with and continue to hold space for. This has been and continues to be an incredible journey of self-discovery!” – Chloe Chisholm Sauve

“After taking so many courses and reading books, your curriculum is the perfect blend of reverence for the energy! I am so grateful for all that you have taught me and that you continue to share!”

“As Pam’s Reiki Master/Teacher from 2004-2015, I am honoured to witness her growth, and to reflect upon her best qualities:
* is an exceptionally empathic listener, using her heart and her ears
* consciously trusts and follows her inner guidance
* engages fully in life, and with the people in her life
* dynamically balances her (left and right brain) gifts of logical thinking and creative intuition
* delightfully brings Reiki into everything that she does, energizing each experience with a vitality that is both powerful and peaceful
I recommend Pam to you with heartfelt confidence and best wishes!”
~ Shirley L. Hamm, MSW, Reiki Master & Life Skills Coach, Garden of Wellness

Master manual downloaded from InstaFB

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