Private Star Reiki Energy Healing Session – Book Now!


Testimonial: “Pam is amazing at what she does. She sets you at ease from the very beginning, walks through any concerns or questions and truly brings light and love to you throughout the session. She accepts you as you are, empowers you and helps you understand messages. I always leave her sessions feeling lighter, more balanced, full of clarity, and healed. Thank you Pam for sharing your love, light and healing energy with all of us!”

Star Reiki promotes holistic relaxation and inner peace, cultivating deep inner harmony, clarity, and strength. The goal is to invoke the relaxed state of the parasympathetic nervous system to allow healing energy to flow. In a session, you will be laying on a massage table (fully clothed), while I transmit Star Reiki healing energy by hovering my hands over your body. This supplies your body with the energy it needs to rebuild and repair itself. I use my intuition to guide me to heal your physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual bodies, while receiving intuitive messages from Oneness that I record for you to keep. It’s fun to look back on these messages as you move forward with your life! Feel free to provide me with an area of the body or intention that you wish to focus on, knowing that I will be asking for the greatest good to come to you. Reiki energy can only be beneficial and will naturally flow to where your body needs it the most. You will leave the session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! It is also common to feel an emotional release, creating space for positive energy to flow.


  • Intuitive messages from Oneness, to help in all areas of your life, past, present, and future (Psychic Realms)
  • Accelerated healing from injury, Pain relief of chronic issues
  • Clearing of energy blockages, chakra balancing
  • Aiding sleep
  • Intuitive messages from loved ones who have passed (Mediumship)
  • Help deceased loved ones fully cross over (Psychopomp)
  • And much, much more!

What to Bring: Wear comfortable clothing, water, and an open heart and mind!

Location: PranaShanti Yoga Centre located in Ottawa at 950 Gladstone Avenue.
Availability: Thursdays, 10:30am & 12pm. To book an appointment, visit , call 613-761-9642(YOGA), or visit the studio!
Private Star Reiki Healing Session Fee: $90+taxes for a 60-minute session.

After: Drink plenty of water to further flush out toxins and fill up newly opened energy channels!  Write in your journal to remember how you feel, what you felt, and any insights you receive, even a few days later. It’s fun to look back and see changes after numerous sessions and as time goes on!  Breathe and smile 🙂

Distance Star Reiki: Unable to come in person but still want a session? You may wish to book a Private Star Reiki DISTANCE Energy Healing Session – Book Now! 

“I wanted to thank you for an amazing Reiki session, your intuitive messages were so accurate!  A couple of co-workers told me that I looked very good and relaxed today! They had no idea that I had this amazing Reiki experience! I feel great and I slept very well last night – still feeling great and very peaceful!”  ~ Veena

“I have known Pam for several years on the Yoga front and this being my first ever Reiki session I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect physically. It was no surprise to me the amount of genuine warmth and professionalism that Pam has, but her healing energy was amazing. I went in being in much need of grounding and release of some negative energy that I had been carrying around for a few weeks. I left her session feeling so much lighter, freer and energized. I would highly recommend Pam, her warmth and healing energy was exactly what I needed.” ~ Susan

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2 thoughts on “Private Star Reiki Energy Healing Session – Book Now!

  1. I had a phenomenal first experience with distance Reiki through Sunray Wellness this week. I am a very tense and stressed individual but after a 30 minute session my body suddenly relaxed and I felt peaceful for the first time in weeks. I noticed a clearing sensation in my head, my jaw felt loose and my outlook and attitude improved noticeably to others. My session occurred during a meeting at work and the transformation, without any help from me, was amazing! Thank you so much Pam. It has been several days and the positive effects have stayed with me! Rebecca – Ancaster, Ontario

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