with Pam Bhandarkar MacPhee, Founder Star Reiki

You are a great teacher, Pam! You open the door for us and we just need to walk through! ~ Sead Abazovic, graduate of Star Reiki Levels 1,2, and Master

Tap into YOUR Power! Drawing from the infinite supply of universal healing energy, with intention, Pam believes we all have the power to increase our vibration as well as that of others. Many of us feel our senses in extraordinary ways and have no idea what to call it. You may hear an inner voice, feel the energy in a room, or maybe you are intrigued and open to more! Star Reiki encompasses the traditional USUI Reiki lineage, and over an above, is inclusive to all forms of connecting and harnessing the power of Oneness. Vibrating with Oneness/Source is grounding and strengthens intuition, allowing us to make better decisions in our daily lives.

I received the following message from my guides,

Close your eyes and see the stars on the inside. The depth is far greater than the expanse you see in the night sky.”

Upon hearing this message, I knew that internal expanse was infinite and from there we can tap into the greatest form of healing energy for each individual’s highest good. From this guidance, I felt that the underlying message of all healing modalities is fundamentally the same. I knew I needed to share this with everyone! For me, there is no name or face, instead it is a voice of guidance and knowing. Although I’m not a fan of labels, Star Reiki is a name, that instead of taking away from other healing modalities, encompasses all.

There are Three Levels of Star Reiki Training, Level 1Level 2, and the Master Level.  Note that when you are choosing your level of training, other healing modalities are considered and you may have already self-attuned to the next level!  If you wish to heighten your intuition or get back into healing, perhaps you would like to receive a Star Reiki Attunement!

I look forward to guiding your process to become your own unique healer!

This beautiful poster was created by a lovely student, Cara Bowman, who was inspired after taking the Star Reiki Level 1 course… it is the epitome of the teachings!

Star Reiki by Cara Bowman

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